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This site is based on the new logic book "The Red Herring and the Power of Logic". The book is designed to give you an insight into the art of logical thinking. Logical thinking that can be applied to your everyday life. Logical thinking that will help you to make well reasoned decisions - with clarity and confidence. The book contains a wealth of logic-based information to get your mind racing.

On this site you can test your own logic capabilities with our online logic test, or read an extract from the first chapter of the book "The Red Herring and the Power of Logic", by Colin Beckley.

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Also by Colin Beckley and Elspeth Waters

‘Who Holds the Moral High Ground?’

Are there any universal moral principles? Or is what counts as ‘good’ simply a matter of personal opinion? Are morals the product of a particular society or culture? To what ethical criteria should modern secular societies defer? Can religion be considered a reliable authority? Are women any more virtuous than men?

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Published by Imprint Academic Jan 2008

Available also from Amazon £8.95

Colin Beckley wishes to thank the following contributors:-
Kay Humphrey, Trevor Hussey, Debbie Reid, Simon McDowell, Kris Black,
Roxana Beckley, Andrew Lack, Sarah Cook, Nigel Foster, Shirin Adl Saramad