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Open Your Mind

Welcome to the arm chair Logic site. If you are interested in thinking logically then this is the place to start.


Discover your logical powers with two short tests.
Start with Test No 1 and then if you wish progress to Test No 2 or 3 which are slightly harder.
Just tick the boxes and get your scores at the end of each test.
No previous experience of logic is necessary. However, before you start you can see a short guide on logic which will prepare you for the test with some fundamental information. Download the Short Guide

General Knowledge Test

If you want to test your general knowledge and see how you fare against others then try the test and receive your GKQ (General Knowledge Quotient) when your finish.

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Books Available

The Red Herring and the Power of Logic
Who Holds the Moral High Ground? (With Elspeth Waters)
The Hidden Hand of Gravity
Logic: A Modern Guide (Available now - Free Download!)
The Evolution of Diversity: with Ute Bonillas (Available now - Free Download!)

Colin Beckley wishes to thank the following contributors:-
Kay Humphrey, Trevor Hussey, Debbie Reid, Simon McDowell, Kris Black,
Roxana Calvert, Andrew Lack, Sarah Cook, Nigel Foster and Shirin Adl Saramad