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logic test

Test your general knowledge - complete our online test below to get your ranking. Match the item on the left to the corresponding item on the right.
Then press the "NEXT" button to move to the next question.

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There is also a time limit of 1 hour to complete the test.

Example Question
Food Color
Banana   A Green
Tomato   B Yellow
Peas   C Red

Question 1. of 10.
Pseudonym Original Name
George Orwell   A Ehrich Weiss
Harry Houdini   B Eric Blair
John Wayne   C Henri Donat Mathieu
Malcolm X   D Leslie Hornby
Marilyn Monroe   E Malcolm Little
Nostradamus   F Manfred von Ricthoven
Red Barron   G Marion Michael Morrison
Ringo Starr   H Michael de Notredame
Twiggy   I Norma Jean Mortenson
Yves Saint-Laurent   J Richard Starkey


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