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The Hidden Hand of Gravity

This book examines how gravity shapes life

Topic covered –

  • Gravity is necessary for life
  • Gravity and Design
  • Tensegrity
  • The Disappearing Terrestrial Mega-fauna
  • Evolution
  • Life in Space and Water
  • Plants and Gravity
  • Scaling Laws, Temperature and Size

This work is intended to illustrate how gravity is a major factor in shaping life as we know it. It will be argued here that gravity has an influence at all levels, from particles to planets. Moreover, that any change in gravitational acceleration will have a direct and inevitable impact upon the form of any organism. From a fresh perspective some of the mysteries of evolution will be examined in light of gravity and its ubiquity. The creatures of the Earth, past and present, have taken on many forms but why is it that all the terrestrial mega fauna have become extinct? Why is it that reptiles today are only a fraction of the size of their ancestors? Why is it that an insect never reaches the size of a large mammal? What is Tensegrity and how does it influence the structure of the cell, the protein and the larger body of an organism? Many of the considerations here are taken from novel scientific thinkers; these will be outlined and discussed. Many of the ideas may seem controversial and provocative but the author makes no apology for their inclusion. Indeed the purpose here is to stimulate a debate that hopefully leads to a better understanding of life and its evolution.
Paperback: Published by Think Logically Books. 2015. 118 pages

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