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Philosophy resources on the Internet
Offers a comprehensive list of links to Logic/Philosophy websites.

Global Tester
Examines fallacies and also there is a logic quiz (with answers).

The Lander Philosophy Pages
Philosophy site with sections on logic. Very comprehensive and highly recommended.

Gary N Curtis website
Good site for examination of fallacies with lots of examples.

Agnosticism / Atheism Site
Scepticism & Critical Thinking as well as logic. Debunks a lot of myths. Also a good source for book reviews.

The Atheism Web: logic and fallacies
Good section on logical fallacies with atheistic/religious perspective.

Sceptics website dictionary
In depth research on the Bible and Koran. Best section on contradictions in both works.

Logic Tutorial - W. W. Nortonn & Company, Publishers
Learn by practice. Tests designed for students but anyone interested could try this site.